Are E Cigarettes Safe?

The E cigarette and everything about it!

Electronic Cigarette Smokeless Smoking

During the last generation, the percentage of people who smoke has greatly declined, and it is likely to do so even more. For some, it is easy to stop - they just throw away their last pack, and they think no more about it. For others, and indeed for most others, giving up smoking is far harder. There have been many ways invented and introduced to help them. Some methods have worked better than others.

We have all heard about Electronic cigarettes, and how they can help people quit smoking. They are said to do some truly good things and to help those who try them. Electronic cigarettes are becoming more common as more and more people try to stop smoking. Do they work?

I was just poking around SurfKY, when I found this personal testimonial: I think it might help people decide whether or not to try e-cigarettes as a way to stop smoking.

E-Cigs—Just Blowing Smoke?

John Bond, a former smoker of 25 years, explains that he was previously consuming between one and two packs of cigarettes each day. As a result, Bond says that he was coughing up large amounts of phlegm nearly every morning—a habit that was quickly becoming an annoyance. While he was well aware of the many health and safety risks associated with smoking, as nearly all smokers are, Melissa notes that acommercial about the effects of secondhand cigarette smoke on childrenfinally broke the camel’s proverbial back.

His wife said, “I always told him that he needed to stop, but it was a TV commercial that prompted him to finally call it quits,” says Melissa. “It shows a mother putting a child in a car seat, making sure all the safety straps are locked down. Then she gets in, rolls up all the windows, and lights a cigarette.”

Surely such a brilliant commercial would motivate anyone to want to stop smoking, no? It was such an effective piece of anti-smoking propaganda that I felt it in my lungs just from reading about it.

“It tasted bad and the battery life was terrible. I didn’t like it at all, but I knew I wanted to go to something else other than cigarettes,” says John. “I tried a few different things, but they just didn’t work. Then, after I tried one of my friend’s E-Cigs for about a week, I went online and ordered one like we sell today. I’ve been cigarette-free since October, 2011.”

Along with a complete lack of cravings, John notes that the E-Cig allowed him to avoid the intense phases of irritabilityassociated with quitting cigarettes cold turkey. His decision to quit even made it possible for him to run an entire 5K race earlier this year without any problems whatsoever—a feat he says would have been next to impossible when he was still smoking 20-40 cigarettes every day. Read more on e cigs Just BLowing Wind

So, it looks like electronic cigarettes are indeed worth a try. I am sure there is no one method of giving up smoking that is appropriated to everybody, but I am equally certain that one of the smoking-cessation techniques that should be high on everyone’s list should be this one, the most recently developed - electronic cigarettes. They worked for John - they really helped him turn his life around, so that he can run races now. It is very possible that e cigarettes added years to his life. Modern technology has done this for John.

Is your life less precious than John’s? I am sure mine isn’t! I have been using these electronic cigarette for many months now, and I have managed to cut down on my use of regular cigarettes. It worked for John, it is beginning to work for me, and I hope it will work for you as well. I share my experience with you; now tell me about yours! We can all stop smoking and be healthy together. It gives me a warm, happy feeling to share my experience with you, and it would be a warmer, happier feeling to know that I have helped you at least this little bit.

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Another ban on electronic cigarettes?

All These Bans On Electronic Cigarettes Makes You Think…

From Cohasset Massachusetts comes the latest controversy on electronic cigarettes. Whats the big deal ban after ban it seems the electronic cigarette is taking a serious beating, but meantime one of the biggest cigarettte companies have spent $130 million dollars in cash on Blu Cigs read more here about Lorilards purchase Here

Below is the article about the ban in cohasset, I thought It was preetty interesting and downrite ridiculous!

Cohasset to consider ban on electronic cigarettes

COHASSET — Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, do not contain tobacco, tar, or any of the harmful chemicals packed into traditional cigarettes. But these modern-day nicotine delivery devices may soon be outlawed in certain parts of Cohasset.

The town’s board of health will ask town meeting voters on May 12 to amend the community’s smoking bylaws to ban the use of e-cigarettes in all locations where traditional cigarettes are not allowed. This includes business offices, restaurants, athletic fields, bars, train stations and other spaces where crowds typically gather.

“It’s a new-make tobacco product,” Cohasset health inspector Tara Tradd said of e-cigarettes.

If voters approve the new by-law, Cohasset would become the first South Shore town to implement the ban on e-cigarettes, according to the non-profit Massachusetts Municipal Association. Nineteen cities and towns in the state, including Boston, have adopted the ban by inserting e-cigarettes into their respective anti-smoking laws.

In recent years, state and federal health officials have raised concerns about the unknown effects of e-cigarettes. Tradd said scientists haven’t researched the products, invented in 2003, thoroughly enough to conclude whether they are harmful.

Many critics of e-cigarettes also claim the devices can lead non-smokers, including children, to smoke traditional cigarettes. Although there are nicotine-free e-cigarettes, many people use the devices to get their nicotine fix without having to inhale the chemicals from traditional cigarettes.

Read more about Cohassets ban on electronic cigarettes

Please comment below and let us know how you feel about all these electronic cigarette bans, I would say ban cigarettes no e cigarettes!


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How are SNFs handling residents who use e-cigarettes?

If they want to use e cigarettes let them!

Someone gets to a nusing facilty ans wants to smoke an e cigarette I say you let them! goodness me its a lot better than a normal cigarette that for sure. According to The American Association of Public Health Physicians “because the possibility exists to save the lives of four million of the eight million current adult American smokers who will otherwise die of a tobacco-related illness over the next 20 years.”

Its plain and simple the e-cigarette or electronic cigarettes as they are also called emits an odorless vapor and has no harmful smoke or toxins so even though research is limited on the e cigarette and even though it is still a little bit controversial its clearly saving peoples lives and helping people kick the habit and smoke less toxins.

How are SNFs handling residents who use e-cigarettes?

Q: We have a new resident who is smoking the e-cigarette. What are facilities doing with it?

A: An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is an electrical device that simulates the act of tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled mist bearing the physical sensation, appearance and often the flavor and nicotine content of inhaled tobacco smoke; though without its odor, it is intended to eliminate health risks. The device uses heat (or in some cases, ultrasonics) to vaporize a liquid solution into an aerosol mist.

In speaking with a dozen or more facilities, the e-cigarette seems to be handled in an individual facility- or corporate-wide policy. Many facilities are not allowing it at all; others allow it after the resident is deemed by the doctor or advanced practice nurse to be safe at handling the device.

It does seem that all of the facilities allowing the e-cigarette keep the charging device at the nurses’ station, just to keep an eye on how often it is smoked, and to monitor on an ongoing basis for safety.

The e cigarette as you see is still little bit controversial and the reasons are ridiculous! Smokeless smoking is smokeless and not only is it smokeless but its also toxin-less! I say if you wanna smoke an e cigarette as opposed to a real one then the results will be far better in the long run.

Please have your say and comment below!


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What do John Cusack and Steve Jobs Have To Do With The Electronic Cigarette

Heres a great story about the first time John Cusack was asked to do a commercial for apple - He didnt do the commercial and in hindsight seems to think that it was a mistake, if there was ever a commercial Cusack wold had done it that one.

Another blunder is how Cusack new about the Ipod and the New apple devices ready to hit the market and never bought any stock in apple - tsk tsk if he would have possibly would have gotten done for insider trading!

Read below how the two came together over an electronic cigarette!

Cusack talks Poe, acting jobs, Steve Jobs

LOS ANGELES — A story John Cusack tells about his ambivalent relationship with his profession begins with a trip in Steve Jobs’ private jet.

We’re in L.A.’s Four Seasons hotel to talk about his role as Edgar Allan Poe in the pseudo-slasher film The Raven, in theatres Friday. Cusack, looking especially pale in black jeans and black shirt, puffs away on a tobacco-free electronic cigarette (“I gave up cigarettes eight years ago. But I like to smoke these in restaurants to freak people out. It’s just water vapour.”)

I mention that his movie High Fidelity dovetailed with the purchase of my first iPod, a 2001 original that was the size and thickness of a deck of cards. The HF soundtrack was the first CD I loaded on it, and, four iPods later, every song is still on the playlist.

"That’s great!" he says. "When I did that movie in 2000, I got a call saying, ‘Steve Jobs wants to talk to you.’

"He flew me down (from his home in Chicago to Apple HQ in Cupertino, Calif.) and said he wanted me to do a commercial for this new iPod and play the High Fidelity character (a record store manager).

"And I just said, ‘I don’t want to do a commercial.’ But now that I think about it, if I was ever to do a commercial that should have been the one. It was so cool that he was a fan of the movie. But here’s the thing. He showed me the template, their rollout plans, iTunes before it was out — and I still didn’t buy Apple stock! That’s how stupid I am."

Cusack still doesn’t do commercials. In a career dotted with beloved cult movies (The Sure Thing, Say Anything, Grosse Pointe Blank), he has not exactly boycotted the Hollywood blockbuster machine, but close. “I haven’t put on tights yet,” he says of his unconventional career, “but I did do an apocalypse movie (Roland Emmerich’s 2012).”

Off the top of his head, Cusack remembers three such movies in his career, Hollywood “tent-pole” flicks he admits he was in for the money: 2012, Con Air with Nicolas Cage and America’s Sweethearts with Julia Roberts.

"My career has been this weird mix of what you’re able to do, what you’re allowed to do and what people offer you. So if I can do a tent-pole movie and I think I can make it OK, it’s not embarrassing."

Interestingly, he came up in the Brat Pack era with Robert Downey Jr., an actor with whom he’s often compared, and who, ironically, was once attached to star in The Raven. The movie, directed by James McTeigue (V For Vendetta) is set in the last days of the author’s life in Baltimore and involves a serial killer who uses Poe’s macabre works as a template for his gory crimes.

The electric cigarette bought these guys together even though he didnt do the commercial he still smokes and electric cigarette when out and about in no smoking areas sometimes “just to see the look on peoples faces when he light one up in public!

Have you smoked an electric cigarette in public on in a restaurant just to see the look on peoples faces? please share below and let us hear your electric cigarette story!


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Exploding Electronic Cigarette Phenomenom

The Electronic Cigarette Seems To Be Exploding Everywhere

So you want to stop smoking! The thought is a great one and should really be actioned on, the only problem is the device or method you choose to use to control your tobacco cravings.

Take this poor woman and then the women in florida and then only the other day a man was hospitalised for 8 days because of an exploding electronic cigarette.

I think more research needs to be done before a manufacturer releases an electronic cigarette for the simple and apparent reason that one can explode on you!

Here is an article I found on the latest exploding electronic cigarette!

Electronic cigarette explodes in Muskogee woman’s hand

Smoking can be hazardous to your health but, in some cases so can trying to quit.

Shona Bear Clark said she had tried to kick her “half a pack a day” habit for some time. She decided to purchase an electronic cigarette from Walmart because friends and family told they had successfully quit smoking using this method.

Shona Bear purchased the OneJoy NJOY electronic cigarette from Walmart on Sunday afternoon and brought it home to give it try. She said the device exploded when she tried to remove it from the package. “It was as loud as firing a gun, but a gun fired right in your face,” said Clark.

Clark and her sister-in-law, Lucine Schrimsher, were both in the living room when the explosion happened. Both women said the explosion looked like a white cloud of smoke and was so powerful it knocked a 15 pound salt lamp from the shelf, shattered the light bulb inside of it and knocked a decoration from across the room off of the wall. “It could have blown my head off if it had been in my mouth,” said Clark.

The most important thing is to make sure that the riskes associated with smoking are far greater than smoking real tobacco and even in light of these recent exploding e cigarettes the benefits outweigh by far smoking real tobacco.

Please comment and share your thoughts on this latest e cigarette explosions. And if you would now still rather smoke real cigarettes over electronic cigarettes please let us know.


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Tighter Controls Over E Cigarette Needed

Do we really need tighter control over e cigarettes

With more an more brands of e cigarettes coming onto the market “experts” are saynig there needs to be more studies on the e cigarette.

The e cigarette seems to be doing a great job helping people to stop smoking, everyday we hear from people who have used the electronic cigarette to stop smoking - its a little bit like choosing a brand of cigarettes for real, you want one that tastes right and smokes well and has the right amount of nicotine for you.

Sometimes it takes ages till you find the right brand for you and sometimes you never find it, so we need many different electronic cigarette brands to choose from as everyone has a different taste and budget.

Experts demand tighter controls on e-cigarettes

HEALTH experts are demanding tighter controls on electronic cigarettes amid fears customers could be exposed to poisonous chemicals.

The nicotine vapour inhaler devices are not subject regulation, and fears are growing that people could be subjected to “unclean” and “unsafe” products.

The devices hit the headlines earlier this year when it emerged Standard Life had banned its employees from smoking e-cigs at their desks.

ASH Scotland warned evidence on e-cigs was “limited”.

Many of the e-cigs brands readily available in the UK are imported without control and inspection from other countries, including China.

E-cigs do not contain tobacco and therefore are not regulated by Tobacco Product Regulations, they are also not classed as medical devices so can not be regulated in the same way as other nicotine replacement products.

The devices, which can be charged through a computer USB port, were invented by a Chinese pharmacist in 2004.

Prof John Britton, chair of the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group, said that regulating e-cigarettes would ensure a “guaranteed standard” for consumers was met.

He said: “Electronic cigarettes have the potential to save thousands of lives, but the fact that they are unregulated is bad as it leaves people open to using unclean and unsafe products.

“Electronic cigarettes can not be seen as being as safe as other regulated nicotine replacement therapies which meet pharmaceutical standards, these products are tested and have additives in them that we know to be safe – e-cigarettes don’t have this.

“The concept of nicotine replacement is powerful and good, but e-cigarettes are really testing this system – they are new and they are unregulated. Regulation would be useful and it would be nice to clean up the loopholes.

“At the moment electronic cigarettes may list the contents on the side of the packet, but there is no way of proving that this is the true content as there is no regulation.

“Electronic cigarettes are probably positive and if everyone switched to e-cigarettes it could potentially save millions of lives, but regulation would certainly be useful at this time,” he added.

A lack of regulation has led several countries, including Canada, Australia, and Singapore to ban the products because of fears over possible side-effects. Read more about Experts demand tighter controls on e-cigarettes...

I think that e cigarette should be made available on health systems for free, the fact that govt are making such a big stink is sic and that fact that thousands of people around the world are using them to stop smoking is a positive element that should not be made hard to get.

Please share you thoughts and comment below on this.


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Electronic Cigarettes Going Mainstream

It looks like electronic cigarettes are going to be available a bit more readily

Sotera are getting a large amount of money to take the electronic cigarette to the next level. Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular with smokers savings thousands of dollars a year on tabocco costs, and thats only money, by using electronci cigarettes you get save your health as well!

There seems to bit a lot of controversy surrounding electronic cigarette with the FDA making “a big stink” over its use and classification and keeo trying to suppress this device from hitting the masses, I wonder why?

Below is an article I found about the investment and plans of Sotera to heavily market the electronic cigarette like never before.

Sottera gets $20 million to invest in electronic cigarettes

Scottsdale-based Sottera Inc., dba NJOY, received a $20 million investment from Greenwich, Conn.-based Catterton Partners, a consumer focused private equity firm.

The money will be used to market NYOY’s electronic cigarette product.

Plans call for hiring a handful of sales and marketing employees to help increase brand awareness of the NJOY product line. The company finished 2011 with 12 employees and now has 16.

“We certainly plan on hiring more,” said Craig Weiss, president and CEO of NJOY.

While he would not release annual revenue for the private company, he did say the company doubled its revenue every six months over the past 18 months through 2011. It also ended 2011 profitable for the first time, Weiss said.

The company would have achieved profitability sooner if not for a $2 million lawsuit it filed against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Even though the company won the lawsuit, the federal government does not pay a plaintiff’s legal fees if it loses, he said.

In May 2009, the FDA had seized shipments of NJOY products as well as those of a competitor at U.S. Customs. NJOY filed a lawsuit against the FDA seeking an injunction to prevent them from seizing its products and regulating it as a drug.

“We ultimately got an injunction against the FDA in federal district court in Washington in January 2010, but the FDA appealed,” he said. Please read the full story on the $20 million Sotera are investing in electronic cigarettes

Please share your experiences in the comments below on how you used the electronic cigarette and whether or not you succesfully used it to stop smoking or on anything else you can think of about electronic cigarettes.


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Doing Away With Obamas Anti Smoking Youth Law

Getting rid of the Obama youth anti smoking law

This really is a crazy ruling and should actually be seen as more of a wake up call with the new trade agreements undoing the important health policies. A ridiculous example is banning the sale of flavoured tobaccos (next thing theyll be banning electronic cigarettes as well! Oh wait they are trying to arent they!).

Even though this law was designed to stop teen smoking, or from wanting to smoke but banning the sale of flavoured tobacco and doing away with the you anti smoking law is the right way to do it.

Here is an article that discusses in detail this case please have a read and go to the main site to read the rest of it!

WTO Orders U.S. to Dump Landmark Obama Youth Anti-Smoking Law

A landmark U.S. health policy already was being struck down even as protestors surrounded the Supreme Court over the attack on President Obama’s healthcare law. Behind closed doors in Geneva, a World Trade Organization (WTO) tribunal issued a final ruling ordering the U.S. to dump a landmark 2009 youth anti-smoking law.

The Obama administration’s key health care achievement slammed by the WTO was the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (FSPTCA), sponsored by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.). The ruling, issued Wednesday, was on the final U.S. appeal which means that now the U.S. has 60 days to begin to implement the WTO’s orders or face trade sanctions.

This outrageous WTO ruling should be a wake up call. Increasingly “trade” agreements are being used to undo important domestic consumer, environmental and health policies. Instead, the Obama administration has intensified its efforts to expand these very rules in a massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement.

The WTO’s ruling against banning the sale of flavored cigarettes isn’t the only example of its attack on consumer protection and health laws. The U.S. has filed WTO appeals on two other U.S. consumer laws — U.S. country-of-origin meat labels and the U.S. dolphin-safe tuna label — both were slammed by lower WTO tribunals in the past six months. Yup, in short order we could see the WTO hating on Flipper, feeding us mystery meat and getting our kids addicted to smoking.

The challenged tobacco control U.S. law was designed to reduce teen smoking by banning “starter flavorings,” since tobacco firms had begun marketing flavors like cola, chocolate, strawberry and clove. The 2009 law forced U.S. firms to cease sales of these products, whether imported or domestically produced.

Wednesday, the WTO sided with Indonesia, who claimed that the U.S. ban of their imported clove-favored cigarettes should not be allowed. A key reason was that the U.S. had not banned all flavored-cigarettes (namely menthols). Thus, they argued, the policy unfairly hit Indonesia. However, data showing that teens are more likely than adults to smoke cloves (while menthol smokers include vast numbers of adults) was dismissed. Read more about Landmark Obama Youth Anti-Smoking Law

Please comment and let us know your thoughts and what you feel should be the best way to get this taken care of in the best way possible.

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Is An E Cigarette Really Healthier Than Normal Cigarettes?

E Cigarettes Must Be Healthier, No?

It makes more sense to believe that smoking an e cigarette is healthier than a normal cigarette for the obviouos reasons like there are no flames - so that means theres no lighting up with harmful carcinogens. Then theres the fact that since there are no carcinogens then there are no toxisn or poisons to inhale or intake into your body along with a plethora of other reasons.

The e cigarette seems to be making quite an impact with sales of e cigarettes starting in stores and shops all over the world. E cigarettes came out many years ago but where not really considered something viable as a stop smoking aid, but since the developement of these little wonders they have comea long way and people are smoking them all the time forgetting they are even e cigarettes!

Here is an article discussing whether ot not the e cigarette actually is better for you. Please have a read and let us know what you think,

Is Smoking an E-Cigarette Healthier Than a Tobacco Cigarette?

After 18 years of smoking I finally grew tired of the scratchy throat, yellowing teeth and constant coughing - I chose to quit smoking once and for all. Past attempts had fallen short because smoking is just as strong an addiction as other drugs. Nicotine is the cause for my addiction, but tar, chemicals and smoke is the cause of so many health problems associated with cigarette smoking. Instead of just giving up and facing weeks of cravings, urges and crankiness, I chose to try an e-cigarette. Are e-cigarettes healthier than tobacco cigarettes?

What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette, or electronic cigarette, is a nicotine delivery system that produces water vapor instead of smoke. You draw on the electronic cigarette just as you would a tobacco cigarette and you inhale and exhale water vapor. Nicotine is absorbed through the mouth, throat and lungs; easing the nicotine craving while sparing your body the chemicals used in tobacco cigarette production.

Is nicotine inhalation safe?

There is a lot of debate over the safety of e-cigarettes, but most advocates answer the question of safety with another question - was smoking a tobacco cigarette safe? Medically, there are no clinical studies proving whether or not nicotine inhalation is safe or not. The Food and Drug Administration is taking their time regulating e-cigarettes as they are unsure of the long-term effects on health, which leaves many smokers trying to quit using e-cigarettes confused.

Nicotine delivery systems or electronic cigarettes are a popular smoking cessation product, but are they safer than tobacco cigarettes?…

Please check out the national institute of drug abuse to se the effects of tobacco and nictone in more detail.

Share this article if you liked it and see what your friends and family think - better yet comment below and us know your thoughts on e cigarettes as a stop smoking device and whether or not you have tried them to stop smoking or if you would consider them as an alternative to smoking.


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